DDR Release Party at Royal/T Cafe

Well, I told you guys I would post about this as soon as I could 😀

The event was pretty snazzy, I mean, the location is trendy in itself so it wasn’t hard for Konami to just take it over. They had a DDR X2 machine set up in the front area, about 4 PS3s set up with the new pads, 2 Wiis with DDR Hottest Party, and 2 XBox360s with Dance Masters and the new Kinect.

First off, the most important thing, DDR for the PS3. It looked pretty ordinary, no flashy menus or anything. Very utilitarian. The Playstation Move integration was a bit dodgy to say the least. I played one of them and it just seemed to be a bit much to have to go back and forth between arms and legs. Plus, the arm part had four locations to go to, but only one circle each side of the four arrows to go along with it so it was confusing until you realize that each circle had two colors…then it was just a matter of which color went where. The song list they had was paltry, but it had a lot of famous pop songs by Lady Gaga and Kelly Clarkson…if you like that kinda thing. I personally prefer J-Pop on my Japanese dancing game, thank you very much! The song list wasn’t the full range though, so I am a little excited to see what Naoki et al. will come up with for us. They were saying that DLC is a definite at this point so I am also hoping that they will bring in all of our old favorites so we can play them on the PS3 with better graphics…at this point, DDR 3rd Mix looks pretty ugly on my pretty 40″ Sony Bravia. So sad.

Anyway, second, they had about a bazillion giveaways (though I somehow ended up with nothing). Everything from My First DDR to DDR Universe 2 for the XBox360 with a pad. So that was pretty cool of Konami.

Third, NAOKI WAS THERE, along with Jun and U1. I mean, how much more DDR can you get!!! They actually had three of the song contributors/game creators there!! So awesome. They each did a DJ set for us as well. I will have to post a video of it later. 😀

Fourth, AWE was there…Go James Games!!! None of you know who he is but when I used to play (oh so long ago) he was one of the people that we were competing against for high scores. He is a super nice guy and it was great seeing him there!

Fifth…I got to play Night of Fire on the Dance Masters game for the XBox360…it was really neat!! It actually puts your picture up on the screen so you can see how ridiculous you look, I guess. Anyway, it was a little rough making the correct movements to get the game started since you have to wave your arm a certain way to make the menus move and to select or go back. That was the roughest part. The game play was gorgeous though…it makes me want to get an XBox360……ARGH!!! For one game!!!!!

All in all, it was a great night for the fans. There were no hipsters in sight and all of the fans were super nice. It was great chatting with them about DDR and the state of the game in general!

Anyway, a great turnout, great company, and a great time had by all. Keep checking back for my videos from the show!!!  Check out my pics from the event on Flickr!!

Thanks for reading!

–Psykoneko NYU!!! =^..^=


DanceDanceRevolution….PS3 Mix?! Finally!!!!

Tonight, I am heading up to Culver City for the release party held by Konami for the new DDR for the PS3!!! So exciting! It is being held at the Royal/T Cafe in Culver City and it is apparently sold out. Thank goodness for “like”ing Konami on Facebook, otherwise, I never would have gotten the invite. Apparently, they are going to have an exhibition and Naoki is going to be the DJ!!!!! YAY!!!!! I will blog about it tomorrow (if all goes well) and hopefully have some rockin’ pictures to post about the event!!!

The Royal/T Cafe is kinda neat, I have been there before, but I didn’t really feel comfortable. It is supposed to be similar to a maid cafe in Japan, but it is more hipster/trendy than anything else…slightly unfortunate. Still excited though!!!

Anime Expo 2010!!!

I really wanted to get to AX this year on the Friday by way of leaving work early…that didn’t work though…and I ended up getting out of work WAY late. Though I heard that Friday was pretty fun. Boo-urns!

I DID get there early on Saturday morning and I had a great weekend!!! There were so many great cosplayers!! I interviewed some of them (along with the Psychotaku) and the video should be up pretty soon! I found the awesome-est wall scroll (I HATE wall scrolls, by the way) of Konata from Lucky Star getting an email about the second season of Haruhi and celebrating with Tsukasa and Kagami. It has her Haruhi cosplay costume in the background along with Kagami reading the Haruhi manga. It is a great crossover.

Also, we hit the Breaking Into Animation panel which was really interesting (see the two-part video on the Psychotaku homepage!). And we passed out flyers for our panel on Sunday. We went through 500 flyers in about 20 minutes! I think next time we need to pass out about 1,000!!

Here is a pic of me from Saturday (the fountain is in the courtyard at my apartment):

And then there was Sunday….Panel day!!! Yay! We were pretty nervous most of the day so we didn’t really do much except for interviewing cosplayers. My favorites were a little boy dressed up as a Bleach character that wouldn’t speak and a guy dressed up as Russell from UP (my favorite charater EVER!!!).

The panel went great, we had about 70 people there and most of them didn’t even know who we were. One funny thing was that the volunteer that was working the room knew who we were from our time on ScrewAttack and he had some pretty good questions for us. It was cool that the questions we were asked this time around were SO different from the Fanime questions. Some people came up and asked for our autographs and some people even came up and thanked us for the entertainment! It was a great vibe!!

I want to thank everyone that came to our panel! We had a great time! And we hope to see you all next year!

The Awesomer-Team…Trust me.

That’s right, there is a team that is more awesome than the A-Team. How can that be, you ask? Well, if you were at E3 this week, you would have seen the Psychotaku and JewWario hanging out….and if you ask me, they are the AWESOME-EST team.

JewWario stayed at our place for his last night in LA. It was cool since we got to take him to all of the hottest Japanese places in our area (there are quite a few). So they hit Little Tokyo after the con and, of course, they took him to Anime Jungle. I actually met up with them at Jungle since I had work. I think we spent several hours there perusing the shelves. It was fun, I didn’t know what to expect from him in real life since the Psychotaku is so different from Mark (well, except for the yelling). I think that JewWario is just about the awesome-est, funniest, most considerate guy I have ever met (except for Mark, of course).

Yeah, so we were up chatting about the shows, video games, the future of anime (you know, the basics) until about 3am. It was pretty awesome. So yeah, needless to say, the Psychotaku and JewWario make an excellent combination. I can’t wait until September when we have a wedding to go to in Denver so we can chat with JewWario in person again!!! Thanks for everything, J-Dub!! You are more than welcome to hang out at our place ANY time!!

Also, check out the cutest Thank-You gift ever (Thanks so much, JewWario!!) and the cutest soccer hooligan merchandise ever (Thanks, Mark!!).

L, thanks to J-Dub. Mario, thanks to Psychotaku

The Awesome-Team

So last night, the Psychotaku and I went to see the new A-Team Movie. In my opinion, this movie was SUPER epic!! I mean, during the movie, we had another 5.7 earthquake out here (well, a little south of the border, but we DEFINITELY felt it), which made the movie even MORE epic!

Before going in to see this, I was sincerely doubting that Quentin “Rampage” Jackson had the guts to be as awesome as Mr. T. After this, I am praising his acting abilities. I mean, it can’t be TOO hard to be a bad ass considering his background, but he did an AWESOME job, fool!

Each character was perfectly cast, whoever cast Copley as Murdoch is a genius. He was perfectly crazy and likable just like in the actual show. Also, Liam Neeson had Hannibal DOWN and Bradley Cooper was extremely convincing as Face.

All in all, I think this may have been better than Iron Man 2. The action scenes were extremely intricate (the boat scene at the end, especially). And, I never would have thought that ANYONE could fly a tank. I also love how they don’t really explain how the A-Team survives that tank+lake combination, we just know they are bad-ass enough to survive it and so we believe it.

If you haven’t seen this yet, GO SEE IT. And don’t forget to stay after the credits. Our entire theater emptied out and missed out on a last homage to the original A-Team. All I know is that they had better make an A-Team 2 so that we can see tham helping out civilians soon!!

Psykoneko NYU!!!

Hey guys! Psykoneko here!!! And I am getting ready to pass out flyers for our panel at Fanime next week!! I hope that some of you all can make it up (or down, depending on your geographical location) and come see us!!!

Yes, I will be there as well and I am getting pretty nervous. What if no one comes to see us? What if we are just sitting there with no questions to answer?! Oh no!!!! This is why I need anyone who can make it to come over and support us!!! Fanime is the biggest anime convention in Northern California and we need it’s support!!!

Our panel is on Sunday, May 30th at 4pm and we will be premiering a new, NEVER BEFORE SEEN episode!!!! This one is a doozy, as well….the Psychotaku as you have never seen him before!!! Prior to the panel, I will be passing out flyers like a mad woman so that we can get as much exposure as we possibly can (maybe you will see me around 🙂 ). My nerves are going to be shot until this is all over with, but I have the confidence that we can make it work!!!!

Thanks again for all of your support in all of our different channels and outlets!!

We love you!!

–Psykoneko NYU!!!!!!!

New scripts.

So now I have this “great” idea for a show….I have to write a script!?  Ack!  I have no clue how to do that!!  I mean, what with work an everything, how am I going to find the time.  Though it will definitely take a lot less time to get ready than a Psychotaku episode just based on the lack of translation.  Thank goodness.  And Justin is coming out soon for E3 so it means I at least have to have a “gakuran” episode written by then!!!

Wish me luck!!

–Psykoneko NYU!!  =^..^=

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