Quickie Update for Black Jack…

Today I went to Japan Town in San Francisco. Yesterday, I bought two of the Black Jack volumes put out by Vertical, Inc. from Dr. Comics and Mr. Games in Oakland. I read them without a breath between so when I saw the third volume at Kinokuniya today, I HAD to get it. I must say, the Vertical, Inc. volumes do NOT disappoint. Even though some of the stories were repeats from the original Viz volumes (they did a kind of “Best of”), I couldn’t put them down until I was done with all three. Now I need MORE!! I just wish they weren’t so expensive. The books are really nice quality volumes and have about 12 stories in each so they are about $16 a piece. Quite unfortunate. Another expensive habit, I guess.

PS. While I was there, I also got a “Lucky Star” Kogami Akira figure today to go with my Izumi Konata and Hiiragi Tsukasa figures! YAY!!! I LOVE AKIRA!!!