The Last Weekend of Star Tours

We can only hope that the renovation of this classic ride is even half as good as the original. The original Star Tours attraction opened in 1987 to replace Adventure Through Inner Space in Tomorrowland. The new ride will be sort of based on the podracing in Episode 1 and will include a race aboard Starspeeders though the deserts on Tatooine along with other areas. The timing of the new Star Tours (Star Tours II) will be between Episodes 3 and 4.

They are replacing the original Star Tours ride mechanics and updating the ride systems to include High-Definition, 3-D effects, and an improved motion simulator. I really don’t know how a 3-D podracing-like ride can exceed the awesome-ness that is Paul Reubens as a new droid pilot on the Starspeeder 3000.

One great thing about the old ride is that it doesn’t matter if you have been on it so many times that you know everything that “Rex” is going to say during the entire show, it is still fun! Check out my Flicker by clicking on the picture to see a walk through of the entire line for Star Tours as seen on July 24, 2010, two days before the doors were closed!