The Day-To-Day

Ugh, it has been a while since I have done anything extraordinary! Work has been pretty busy. I had three reports due on one day….and I happened to be in the field that day, of course. It drives me crazy sometimes, but it means that once those reports go out, I am on the light side when it comes to workload, thank goodness!!

This past weekend was a good time, after I got out of work SUPER late on Friday night. On Saturday, we got to hang out at the beach with some of the Psychotaku’s wrestling buddies, only got a little burned! Then we went to a BBQ at their place and played Twister, hilariously enough! Super good times! On Sunday, I hurt so bad from frolicking in the ocean and walking all over the place! I really need to get out more! Anyway, I went out to San Bernardino for a Housewarming at my closest friend’s new house. I had a great time out there!! Got some vodka and rum and made a party out of it!! 😛 Also, her place is HUGE!! Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a HUGE kitchen!!! CRAZY!!! I don’t think that I could ever afford anything like that out here in Redondo Beach…I am pretty sure those kinda places go for about $1M. UGH! Stupid house prices!!!

Looks like the Psychotaku should be posting the panel video from Anime Expo sometime this week! So keep checking back!!

Thanks for the support!