Avatar….the REAL one.

Alright, I know it has been a while since I have blogged, but I have been super busy with Anime Expo and work so I haven’t really had a chance to get online. This will be the first blog of a series of catchup blogs describing the recent goings on. First up, The Last Airbender.

Ok, so I know I am late on the scene with this, it came out just before Anime Expo and I was lucky enough to see it on July 2nd. Well, maybe lucky isn’t the right word…though I guess fortunate really isn’t the right word either. Anyway, here goes.

The movie was great…if you weren’t a fan of the show beforehand. It had a very serious tone and none of the lightheartedness that usually comes out in a normal episode of Avatar. The special effects were pretty neat and I loved Aang’s tattoos for his arrow.

That was where it all broke down.

The movie was basically a rundown of the first season of Avatar. So, the first season…minus any jokes and laughter that was associated with it. Also….they called him Aaaaaang (like in father) rather than Aang like in the cartoon. Everytime someone said his name, I was immediately pulled out of the movie. About a quarter of the way in, people (including me) were yelling “It’s AANG” at the screen everytime someone said it. He was also the Aaavatar instead of the Avatar, but only 3/4 of the time….I think the fire nation kept saying Avatar and everyone else was saying Aaavatar. Anyway, that took me out of the movie everytime as well. I think maybe Shyamalan did that to distance the movie from James Cameron’s Avatar, but that is lame since the show has always said the names one way and now they are saying a different way. Slightly ridiculous if you ask me.

As for the actors…the kid who played Aang was cute and looked very similar to the Aang I know and love, but his acting was very stilted and he obviously didn’t know how to have fun like Aang. I did like Prince Zuko but the rest (including Sokka and Katara) were just really crappy. My favorite character in the show is Uncle Iroh and he didn’t come off as funny or as awesome as he should have, if that makes any sense. They had Momo and Appa in the movie, but neither of them were featured as much as they should have been…Momo especially. He was found, then he was just kind of around, but never doing anything.

Anyway, I have friends who have seen the movie without seeing the show and they really liked it, so I guess that it can be enjoyable if you haven’t seen it. If you have seen it….I would say wait for Netflix if you really want to see it or just don’t see it at all. It doesn’t add anything to the series since it is a direct hour and a half translation of the show and it doesn’t have any of the humor and heart like the show. I didn’t really care for any of the characters and there was no development. It was almost like they expected me to know the characters beforehand (which I do, thank goodness) but that isn’t how a movie should be at all.

Stay tuned for more Psykoneko goings on in the next couple of days!! And check out the REAL Avatar on Netflix or on Nickelodeon! 😛