Electric Poultry?

First of all, the Fanime panel went fantastically, despite a room change at the last minute. Thanks to everyone for that!!

So now for the nitty gritty…

Monday Night RAW. That’s right, wrestling. I am watching RAW right now and half of the A-Team is the guest host. I was just listening to John Cena pander to the WWE Universe audience. I really want to hate him since he is the “good guy”, the most popular wrestler. I always hate the popular guy (except for when it was The Rock).

Oh my god…got distracted by the best USA Network advert ever. Sam from Burn Notice (played, of course, by Bruce Campbell…my favorite actor) flirting with Divya from Royal Pains. I love him SO much!

Ok, so back to the point at hand. I really want to hate him, but for some reason, I just can’t. He is so likable! I hate that!!! My favorite wrestlers at the moment are Randy Orton and Santino Marella. Randy Orton because he is just crazy and awesome (and pretty good looking). Santino because he reminds me of the Psychotaku’s wrestling persona, Hop Sing Lee. Santino is the most charismatic wrestler, in my opinion. He just puts himself out there and makes me laugh. I admire his personality and that is why he reminds me of Hop Sing Lee.


A weekend of Wrestling fun!

So, if you are here from the Psychotaku’s site, you know that he wrestles part-time as Hop Sing Lee for Big Time Wrestling in Newark, California.  Well, they had their version of Wrestlemania this weekend called Wrestlefest.  It was EPIC.  First off, it wasn’t held at the normal place (Newark Pavilion), it was held at the Fremont Marriott…which is super nice.  It was a pretty big event and it sold out to a crowd of 600 people.  They had special guests like Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Hardcore Holly, Generation Me, the Iron Sheik, Daffney, Awesome Kong, Yyan Nakano, Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Road-Dogg, and even Bret “The Hitman” Hart was suuposed to be there.  Bret, however, was the only guest that didn’t show up.  Which wasn’t a big deal, they had a full card and the night was great! 

Mark and I only attended the actual wrestling portion of it since a full day of crazies at a Wrestling convention isn’t our idea of a great time, plus, we had to get lunch with a friend who has been helping us out with the Psychotaku.

Mark and his Tag Team partner (L’Empereur) are the current Championship title holders and they hold the championship belts.  They went first, a battle for the belt against the Ballard Brothers.  Yes, THE Ballard Brothers…they are a pretty big deal since they have taught some of the greatest wrestlers out there, including John Cena and Generation Me.  Pretty cool, right?  So they had a great match (no one got hurt too bad, thank goodness) and, unfortunately, Mark and L’Empereur lost the belt to the Ballards.  Since they have held the title for over a year now, it wasn’t too big of a blow. Also, both sides cheat like crazy so it was pretty entertaining.

All of the other matches were great too…I don’t have time here to type EVERYTHING out, come on!  Visit Big Time Wrestling  if you want all the pics and insider information.

The coolest thing really is that the promoter of the show, Kirk White, came up to us during dinner and asked us if we wanted to crash at the hotel since it was getting late and it takes a little over a half hour to get to where we were staying from there.  He said that since Bret Hart didn’t show up, he had an extra room.  So yeah.  We got to stay in Bret Hart’s room…hehe…I know it is silly, but I thought it was pretty cool when we were checking out and the listing for our room was “Hart, Bret”.  I mean, he is a legend!

Anyway, it was a great weekend.  I got to work on my scripts for my new show (which I hope everyone will like!!) so it was a productive and interesting time.

Thanks for reading!!

–Psykoneko NYU!!!