I am the Psykoneko! 

I was born in England and my family moved to Southern California when I was 5. I love my parents to death and I respect them for all they have been through and what they have done for me. I have two bachelor’s degrees from CSUSB, a BA in Anthropology and a BS in Geology. I currently work as a Project Geologist for an Environmental firm in El Segundo and I love my job.

As a person, I like to think that I am bubbly and happy most of the time, high on life and love. I can get a little low sometimes, but I hate to show it. I am extremely competetive and I love to compete in anything, whether it be sports, games or knowledge. I love going to school and I am abolut to start Japanese 3 in the fall and I am planning on taking some photography classes soon.

I love playing video games and anything electronic. I love taking things apart and seeing how things work. I also love anything to do with Japanese culture including (but not limited to) anime, the language, clothing and games.

Interesting fact: I used to be the number one girl in the nation on DDR, according to Konami’s internet ranking, but I have since gotten out of practice. This is me when I was MUCH MUCH younger. (Thanks for the video John!)

Sam’s Butterfly

PS3 Trophies


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