Electric Poultry?

First of all, the Fanime panel went fantastically, despite a room change at the last minute. Thanks to everyone for that!!

So now for the nitty gritty…

Monday Night RAW. That’s right, wrestling. I am watching RAW right now and half of the A-Team is the guest host. I was just listening to John Cena pander to the WWE Universe audience. I really want to hate him since he is the “good guy”, the most popular wrestler. I always hate the popular guy (except for when it was The Rock).

Oh my god…got distracted by the best USA Network advert ever. Sam from Burn Notice (played, of course, by Bruce Campbell…my favorite actor) flirting with Divya from Royal Pains. I love him SO much!

Ok, so back to the point at hand. I really want to hate him, but for some reason, I just can’t. He is so likable! I hate that!!! My favorite wrestlers at the moment are Randy Orton and Santino Marella. Randy Orton because he is just crazy and awesome (and pretty good looking). Santino because he reminds me of the Psychotaku’s wrestling persona, Hop Sing Lee. Santino is the most charismatic wrestler, in my opinion. He just puts himself out there and makes me laugh. I admire his personality and that is why he reminds me of Hop Sing Lee.


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